15 July, 2011

Carly’s Tips: Marshmallow Bouquet

Today at the flower mart while picking up flowers one of my new interns decided to do her first bouquet in a vase. After a careful selection of pink tulips and white and pink roses, she started to encounter a problem with picking the right vase. She had a certain type of vase in mind but was unable to find it. Here are some tips I gave my intern to help her make this yummy marshmallow bouquet!


  1. Improvise  - When you can’t find the type of flower or vase you were looking for try finding something in the same color or size. Improving can help you learn.

  1. Prepare – Before you can begin your bouquet you must (especially if roses are involved) use a rose stripper to remove all foliage and thorns. Cutting the stems on an angle and letting them soak in water before you arrange is a good idea.

  1. Enjoy – Like I told my intern just have fun with the flowers, when you’re learning you have to remember to just let yourself learn. Don’t pressure yourself to make the perfect arrangement. 
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